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We specialise in baby clothes and accessories from Tiny baby to Newborn and older babies, toddlers and Children.  We are located near to Stoke-on-Trent.  If you need anything not listed please email to see if we can get it for you.  If you click the search site box you can look at the different sizes. You will be able to dress your Baby/Children in my clothes that are unique to my website and will not see many of my items in shops.


We started selling baby clothes online as a lot of people I know were having babies all at the same time within a few months of each other and wanted clothes and accessories cheap, so I ended up buying lots of different sizes and knitting lots of cardigans and hats and buying bedding for prams like blankets and shawls and buying lots of clothes starting from Tiny baby and older as one was expecting twins and we expected them to be small babies.


New items are being delivered all the time and most of my items will be solo items which means I have only one item but in different sizes, only one item per size unless they are accessories like bibs, brush and comb sets, booties or soft shoes and will have more of these items.


I have also started to list Boys and Girls used clothing but some are new and still have tags on.  Items can be delivered to anywhere.


Items will be posted out within 2 days, All items being posted will have a postage charge depending on the weight of the item (s).

I am starting to list knitted dolls clothes for all dolls, from Barbie to 10" dolls and bigger.  If nothing is listed what you want just email us and if you would like something special and have a pattern please feel free to ask if we can do it for you.



Tel. +44 7903533417

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